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Wall Direction
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August 22, 2010, 06:43:58 PM
How do I change the direction of a wall?  I have a compound wall and the walls are going the wrong direction.  I started the plan with a series of lines and used the "convert to wall" command and they are all facing the wrong direction, that is to say with the brick veneer on the inside and the frame wall on the outside.  Also, some the corners are not healing like they're supposed to.  Can anyone help me with this?


* August 23, 2010, 07:01:30 AM
I think it would be easiest in this situation to redraw the wall path with a polyline, then the walls. Attempt to rotate the walls doesn't work for me.

Another problem I found was that many of the walls were on different workplanes (one upside down) which can cause connection problems with individual walls.

The attached may work for you.

John R.

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August 23, 2010, 09:00:42 AM
Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to wrap my head around TurboCAD.  I like a lot of the tools, but it doesn't think like AutoCAD did and I'm having to ween myself off of that way of thinking.  Thanks for catching the workplanes, that leads me to more questions though.  I never intentionally changed the workplane, I just drew the lines to create a "schematic" layout of the home and then converted them to walls.  How can I "accidentally" get on the wrong workplane without defining a new one?  Also, how do I know what workplane an object is created on? Lastly, how do I change the workplane once I've discovered it? I did notice that everytime I selected a wall it told me it was switching to 3d selection mode, but I thought maybe that was something to do with the way the program handled the wall object itself.


August 23, 2010, 12:19:33 PM

Draw all of your lines for your schematic plan.  Then go to Workspace/Workpane/ World which set the workplane to world.  Then select all of your lines and go to Format/Place on Workplane.  This will put all of your lines on the same workplane.
Then you can convert lines to walls.

As a note, I generally set my workplane to world or some other preset workplane that I have created, and then draw my walls direct using construction lines to establish offsets as I go.  You can invoke construction line commands on the fly without loosing your drawing tool.  I don't use compound walls but they should work the same and you should be able to see if the exterior surface is where it should be as you are drawing them.   If not just draw them the other direction.

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