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Available Features in Deluxe vs. Higher Versions?
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* January 26, 2020, 10:53:20 AM
Just musing at this time.  Got my CE degree back in the slide rule/drawing board days (read:  early 1960's).  Spent my career in the environmental field so only used my CE knowledge for my own projects or to help out a friend now and then.  Still do a plot plan or retaining wall or deck project  every once and awhile that causes me to pull out my old texts, but this doesn't require a lot of high powered engineering.

I'm mainly interested in keeping my brain active by learning to use some of the new tools/techniques that are available in the post-slide rule era.  I've got TC 2018 Deluxe.  Apparently the Civil Design Suite will work with my version, but I'm not sure how well.  I cannot find any reference that shows how the features of Civil Design Suite line up with the various versions/levels of TC.  Can anyone point me to such a reference?  Or, is it a complete waste of time to try and use this plug-in with TC 2018 Deluxe?

Appreciate any input.


* January 26, 2020, 01:05:04 PM
I dont think there are difference in features between the editions, but i like best when it is on Platinum, just a feeling of it work more smooth there.


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