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How do I add two Surface objects
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November 06, 2019, 03:02:17 AM
Two ACIS Solid objects refuse to 3D Add, no matter what I do or how I recreate them. So, I decided to convert them to Surfaces and then add them.

Turns out, I still get an ACIS error even though I'm working with Surfaces.

How can I setup 3D Add to work with SURFACES, specifically?


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* November 06, 2019, 03:47:16 AM
Dont know if there is, there are no property, John will know if it's possible :)

If the Object is solid or surface at the beginning it dont matter if they get changed before add, if they have had an thickness to start with and changed to 0, we still need to use 3D add on Objects, 2D add give a warning about not possible.


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* November 06, 2019, 04:16:39 AM
If they're ACIS surfaces they've got exactly the same bounding geometry as ACIS solids and they'll behave the same if, for example, you've got coincident faces, edges or vertices.  Sometimes rebuilding with a different order of operations or revising profiles is less frustrating and ultimately quicker than insisting on your workflow.  What mostly happens from converting to surfaces from solids is that you lose physics: volume, centre of mass etc, and blends work differently (usually limited in comparison to solids) on the intersecting edges in some ways, but there's no magic hidden methodology or necessity for it for one or the other.  Another drawback from adding manifold volume surfaces that overlap is that you get internal faces that have to be picked out with facet editor before you can switch back to a solid in the combined object, so there's also no possiblity to keep the part tree if you were intending to use it.