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How to make a simple, decent render environment?
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* December 08, 2018, 12:10:59 PM
I have for some years been creating 3D CAD models for 3D printing. I am starting to look at selling the files, and when/if /I do so, I would like to try to work out a way to relatively simply tweaks my renders so they look a bit less... Crude, compared to, like, everyone else I see doing it. Rendering (let alone something as advanced as texturing) is a bit of an arcane art, as far as I'm concerned and it's not something I've devoted much time to previously. I got some materials set-up as a sort of plastic which was optimium for the actual process of creating the models, but my renders are a bit simplistic.

(Attached are a couple of fairly typical examples.)

My main issue is the environment; none of TurboCAD's (V21) default seem to help much. There does not seem to be anything which gives you a "floor" as far as I can see. Previously, I have just used an arbitarily large box using TurboCADs default grass material, which sort of works, but isn't great.

I have also don't have any real understanding of how to do lighting, tending to just fiddle with the defaults until I can get something that isn't utterly terrible.

Can anyone offer any advice, suggestions (or any sort of guides - I couldn't immediately see anything in the Tips section of the forums that stood out)?


* December 08, 2018, 07:01:05 PM