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what a shitty program and support
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* December 23, 2017, 05:21:31 PM
Honestly, of the program that you regularly use, e-mail, browser, word processor, spreadsheet, etc, how many crash with an something like an unhandled exception? I've got an open ticket where TC 2015 pro plat crashes every time I try to open TC Explore. Tonite TC crashed several times while I was creating a parametric part. I saved the part and now when I create a new document and double click on the part I get an UHE. Really?????

As for the open ticket, TC said I didn't have a default mail client and couldn't send the crash dump. I hunted around and found the crash dump, (OBTW the UNDOCUMENTED location is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\CrashRpt) send the crash dump and the tech support representative asked me for the specifics of the machine.  They didn't even look at the crash dump. They just fired off with a common answer. 

And while I'm sounding off the documentation is WRONG.  Working through creating a parametric part, the book has a example where you look a the For an example of a parametric part, open the "Books" category. Click on one of the parts, and the Description tab at the bottom shows the name and location of the part's file.
 "Books" category.  ? are you fricking kidding me???? I hunted around an it is the cabinet2 folder.

I'm just about done with TurboCRAP!


* December 23, 2017, 07:54:22 PM
This is probably not what you want to read.
 I think you bought one of the worst versions of TC platinum. 2017 is a lot more stable -for me- then 2015 was.
 It was the first year that lightworks wasn't included and a lot of problems needed to be sorted out. It did improve though do you have the newest build installed?
I see that you were experimenting with parametric parts - Torfinn is a guru at this part of TC ask him if there is anything you should avoid.

TC20 platinum
TC 2015 platinum
TC 2017 with lightworks

* December 23, 2017, 08:21:44 PM
Hey Randino weve all had issues at one time or another with tcw, no more so than myself ( search my posts ). That said Turbocad 2017 Platinum is very stable indeed. So I suggest that if ya not happy then try a trial of Turbocad 2017 Platinum?

Heres the link to download: https://www.turbocad.com/content/free-trials

Further that I see that you have a:
Every time I choose Tools Palettes TurboCAD Explore TurboCAD crashes with
Unhandled exception!!!
TurboCAD 2015 will be terminated now!
Do you want to try to save files and generate Crash Report
Yes No
I've tried with no template, with template,
I've had no other problems with turbocad. Just, I can't open the explorer palette
TurboCAD 2015 Professional 64-bit -Platinum Edition Version : 22.2 Build 90.0
that is still not resolved, therefore can I further suggest that you provide further information so that we can help you solve the problems. As you can see on this forum that its the collective knowledge that we all benefit from, takes the last post from Alvin as a good example:

Hey Mike / Alvin, just wondering why Alvin found/discovered this issue in the 1st place. What lead Alvin to suspect this was the issue, Im curious only in that if this was the offender for Mike problems then was this something that has happened now/in the past with my problems ( which are now fixed ), But are these problems now cropping up for others?

Alvin where you just curious when looking into that problem and than discovered left over keys in the registry during/after install/uninstall?

I had a very stubborn issue using V19DL wherein anytime I tried to access any of the Lightworks stuff to Edit it (Materials, Luminance, Environment, Rendering Style), TurboCAD would hang up and just freeze.  I worked long and hard at remedying it, including getting and trying input from fellow Forum Members which included IMSI's knowledgeable Rip Fowler.  We just couldn't get it remedied.

Finally-- either by my own hunch, or by Rip's suggestion, I can't recall-- I created another Windows User account (another account that was actually me).  Using TurboCAD in that User account, the problem didn't replicate.

A few weeks after I installed and started using V20PP, the same issue occurred with it.  That was frustrating.  So I decided to give the remedy more effort.  I thought about it.  And it occurred to me that if the problem didn't occur in one User account, but did in another, perhaps it had something to do with the User Registry.

I'm not a computer guy... I just got lucky, I guess.  -Alvin

So my questioning Alvin reasons for digging further got the feedback that I suspect may plague other users, its not TurboCAD at fault its more likely that Windows is the issue. Crikey weve all come across bugs in software yada yada yada.

If you ditch tcw then its a whole new ball game and fwiw youll never find a better bunch of bloke than on this forum, me personally Im in it for the long haul. To sum up, work with us while we check under the hood of TurboCAD.

TCW V21, 2015-2019 PP, Animation Lab V5.2 & Redsdk enabled, LightWorks rendering mostly.

* January 03, 2018, 08:25:30 PM
I have used TC, usually one of the 'pro' or 'platinum' versions, for 10 years.
I have upgraded virtually every year.
Some years the program has seemed to be flakier than a box of cornflakes.
Other years are pretty good.
I currently have TC2017,, Pro Platinum.  32 installed. The 64 bit version would not run on my machine for some reason.


* January 04, 2018, 05:33:42 PM
So what happens when you try to run tcw2017PP?

There can be many reasons why it may not run, what operating systems are you using?

Post a summary of your systems info/technical.

TCW V21, 2015-2019 PP, Animation Lab V5.2 & Redsdk enabled, LightWorks rendering mostly.

* January 04, 2018, 11:12:54 PM
Why don't you try another program?
Or complain to support. Most of the people on these forums are not employed by Turbocad and don't really care whether you persevere with TC or not.

TC20 platinum
TC 2015 platinum
TC 2017 with lightworks

* January 05, 2018, 03:48:13 AM
The point of my post was to vent and, more importantly, illustrate we, myself included, are often willing to accept bad behavior because we have invested so much. It takes a great deal of time, money, emotional energy to learn a software package like Turbocad. When it crashes we either accept it, or blame ourselves. Moving to another CAD package is not as difficult as one might imagine.  Many of the same command and techniques transfer quite easily.

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