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Versions 19 upgrade from 18 PP Problems
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July 03, 2012, 01:51:08 PM
Drove into town and put money in the bank to cover the $269 upgrade, I live 110 miles from the bank. When I returned home I then clicked on the link in my email from TC to purchase the upgrade, filled out the forms and then was told that they would email me the download link... 5 hours later and still no email I called and was told to cancel the order then purchase from the person on the phone. I did that after confirming that my order was canceled then discovered the next day that my bank was charging me an overdraft because Nexway had NOT canceled my order. I called Nexway and was informed that it takes 5 days to process my cancellation.

1. Why wasn't I given a download link after I paid?
2. Why wasn't I informed of the 5 day delay in the return of my money?
3. Why doesn't TC fix this? They will not return my phone calls!

So far the $269.99 upgrade has cost me $344.99 and counting, by Friday it will be $419.99 which means I'll have to run into town again which cost me $85 in gas and four hours.

Bottom line: NEVER BUY ONLINE.
FYI: Nexway sent me a screen capture showing that they canceled the charge, the day after I placed it yet it is still there...

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* July 03, 2012, 02:14:57 PM
I think when you lost it is when dealing with Nexway.Truly a lesson learn,

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