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How do I tell Which Layer?
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* September 11, 2009, 05:11:53 PM
How do I determine the layer of an object if it's on a layer that is locked and I can't select it?

I tend to use dozens of layers in my drawings.  For security I only unlock the ones I'm working so I don't move the wrong object. To determine the layer of an object, I sometimes have to unlock all, select the object, move it to where I want it and then re-lock the layers I want locked and carry on. That wastes a lot of time.



* September 11, 2009, 08:02:18 PM
The only way I see to do this is by right-clicking on the locked layer in the Design Director and choosing "Select By"? In V16Pro I get an error message "Failed, because the selection contains graphics which are read-only", but the objects on the locked layer are lit up and appear to be selected (though you can't do anything). Selecting an unlocked object and refreshing (F5) clears the selected appearance of the locked objects. Not a feasible approach if you have 20 to 30 locked layers, though it does show you where not to look.

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