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Layer Order Set
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* August 14, 2009, 07:27:27 AM
How can I set the layer order that I want it to be and not as it was originaly created to be set when I start up ?
I do number the order fro 0 - 100 but sometimes it is not as saved.
Especially if there was a crash - total mess.

Any method or setting, I do have the Program Setup, General ticked on at "Last Window Lay-out"

Any way other than that.



* August 14, 2009, 01:23:40 PM
re: How can I set the layer order that I want it to be, not as it was originally created ... when I start up?

The only place you can change the Layer order is in the Design Director. Those changes will not be reflected anywhere else; i.e. Properties dialog, Property toolbar, etc. You can select one layer or a selection of layers in the DD, then drag-n-drop them elsewhere in the list.

If there's a crash, the changes may be in a Autosave file (~tc0.asv, etc.) or the regular file (if you did a physical Save before problems started to happen). The ASV files in the Autosave folder can be opened through "File / Open" with the "All Files" setting.

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