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3d profile of an arch along a oval spline
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* November 06, 2011, 02:40:50 AM
First I would like thank you all for the help you gave me over the last three years on a library that I have been making. I have completed the library and colonnade and am working on the vaulted ceiling which is going well. I have included a few pictures in appreciation of help you gave with TC.
The problem I have now is with the design development of a studiolo. I am drawing up an oval colonnade of connected arches along an elliptical spline. The arches are stilted that is to say they have a 100mm section at 90 degrees, before a semi circular arch. These arches need to follow an oval spline line.
In the drawing it shows the oval where the three arches following the oval will be formed. The stilted section has been set -100mm. I have had several goes with different tools but to no avail. 
Could anyone help me in the right direction please? 
Best wishes Bernard