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Saving Different Print Setups On Each Paperspace
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* July 30, 2009, 01:24:05 PM
I've got to be missing something somewhere along the way.

I want to save my drawing with various paperspaces that will print on various size media or even just landscape or portrait depending upon which paperspace I am in.   

Is it not possible to setup and save differing print setups for each paperspace like can be done in Excel and various other programs for various "sheets."

Very frustrating, Please help!

Vince Sartain


* July 31, 2009, 11:28:04 AM
You can set up each paper space to be unique, I will have sheets set for 11x17 as well as sheets set for 36x24 etc. in the same file, to accomplish this, open the paper space you want to modify first, then right-click the Paperspace tab, (or from the Toolbar - Workspace/PaperSpace/Properties/Page Setup) select Properties/Page Setup and select the workspace sheet properties you want, do this from each paperspace. 

You will still need to define the output (physical printer, paper etc.) when it comes time to print, though the page layout will be saved.

but to have it retain “ Sheet 1 print to PRINTER 1 Tray2, Sheet 2 print to PLOTTER 1”  etc, is not something I am aware TC can do. Though I am quite far from an expert on the matter.


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