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Best way to dimension a 3D assembly?
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* July 27, 2011, 10:25:36 AM
Hi everyone,
It's been a month or so but I am finally to the point where I have something to give the machine shop. The housing looks stellar on the monitor and now I want to turn it into something real. Only thing is, I don't have any paperspace layouts with dimensions on it with which to give the shop.

I've been through "Mastering Turbocad Deluxe & Pro", and I've gone through the Turbocad 2D and 3D training guides, but to date, I have not figured out a clear and concise way to create views which are clear enough to dimension! I want some hidden lines to look hidden. My paperspace layouts sometimes are blank. Sometimes they are invisible. Sometimes they are filled with wireframe of all three dimensions. I need to do a section view.  Sometimes I have radii which I cannot select in order to specify it's size. There's so many little things getting in the way, that I am not quite sure where to go with it.  This housing looks cool on the screen. How can I made it look cool in my hand, out of freshly anodized billet aluminum?