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Hidden Lines Part Deux
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* July 27, 2009, 03:25:09 PM
Maybe someone can explain this....

On there paper space there are two ways to insert hidden line drawing:
1. Use the drafting pallet
2. Create a named view and insert.

These two mechanisms create different output. Why?

Attached are images created from a named view and from a view inserted using the drafting pallet. The image created using the drafting pallet is missing key lines.

That said, in most cases I find that a named views create hidden line drawing with extra stray lines that are useless.

Am I correct that these two methods use a different render? The drafting view appears to give the wireframe minus hidden lines (and sometimes visible) while the named view in hidden line mode gives --I'm not even sure what it gives.

In general the drafting view gives a better render BUT i frequently find that the drafting pallet causes TC crashes.

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