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Reduce file size?
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* July 13, 2011, 02:09:13 PM
Okay guys, I am using 18.1 Plat and AL 5 something. New at any rate.
Can't find an exact version number. First, where can I see that?

Next is I have a relatively small files. Multiple parts and most are pretty basic parts. No actual threading. Lots of extrudes and a few lofts.
How would I make the file size small enough to be able to use AL a bit better?
I only have 3 gigs of ram. Should have been able to use 4, but just won't.
I know the answer is likely to upgrade.
I do have a 64MB graphics card, but did not like the RDSK thing.
I also reduced the settings in ACIS back to default.
Will making groups or blocks reduce the file size? I have more stuff I want to add to these drawings and then produce the movies under full render.
Any advice at all will help.