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Embedded images only display properly on host computer
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* July 23, 2009, 05:57:05 AM
I'm having an issue with TC 15 Pro where I will embed an image into a drawing document and it will show up fine.  However, when someone else in my office tries to open the document from their own PC, the image initially shows up blank, but will appear when you zoom way into the document.  I've tried saving the image files as .bmp, .tif, and .jpg with no luck.  Sometimes you can fiddle with the 'image visualization properties' and get the image to display correctly on computers other than the "host" (computer that embedded the image into the document to begin with), but I feel as though an embedded image should show up as its supposed to on ANY computer without any tinkering.

Has anyone ever run across this and know a fix or workaround that I can share with coworkers?  We do a decent amount of marking up scanned drawings and it would be very nice for the image to show up properly on ANY computer in the office, not just the one that created the drawing document in the first place.


* July 23, 2009, 03:40:28 PM
I didn't run into any problems with a test file containing all nine formats. A duplicate file where none of the images are embedded, nothing showed up. After you click on Embed, do you click on Apply, before OKing out of Image Manager? If I didn't Apply, then the Embed didn't stick. Talk about sticker shock; 181Kb for the non-embedded file, 107Mb for the embedded file. When I looked at the actual image files, they totaled out at 106Mb (the TIF file was 98Mb), so this normal.

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