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Drawing sections in V18 Platinum
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* April 28, 2011, 11:46:04 AM
Having upgraded to V18, I am trying to learn the new section tools. I have figured out that I have to enter the height and side in the tool settings first or nothing happens (I guess something happens, but it's a section line without any volume to include). I set it at 50' and 50'. If want to create a section looking in the left (-x in this case) direction, it works. However, I cannot figure out how I create a section looking in the right (+x) direction. I tried filling in negative numbers, etc. but that didn't work. I tried changing to 0, 90, 180 and 270 angle and the line simply went somewhere else. The manual says the orientation can be changed with the edit tool. I tried this. The edit tool will make the side shorter or longer, but it won't change the blue direction arrows or move to the other side of the cut line. What is the correct procedure for this?

Second question:  I went ahead and tried to create a vertical section (file attached). I clicked the button for vertical section, selected all the objects with a crossing window and clicked the finish flag. I got a horizontal section instead. Thinking that the buttons might be reversed I tried horizontal section and got the exact same thing. I have had the workplane set for world since the manual did not say to do otherwise. Is there something I should be doing with workplanes or is something wrong with the vertical tool?

If you look at the file, you will notice that in these section drawings (which are not very understandable) there are some odd diagonals across some of the objects that are extrusions. There are also diagonals at the corners of the walls. I seem to remember that there was a similar problem with exploding viewports in earlier versions and I had expected that the new section tool would solve all that. Is there something I should be doing to avoid this, like only using surfaces or only using solids?

I exploded one of the section drawings which was on layer 0. I had to do this twice to release the objects to their original layers. Two problems: One, many of the objects are now on layer 0 and therefore have lost their layer differentiation. Two, the ones that retained the layer name did not retain the layer color. There seems to be no way to remedy this because the color property remains set at "By Layer", even though it is not displaying the layer color. It appears to me that this must be a bug, but I'm open for suggestions. Thanks for all your help!