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TC 15.2 Crashes when diming an arc of a 'Drafting office regen object'
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* July 10, 2009, 07:15:22 AM
I am using TurboCad 15.2 on a Dell D600 with Windows XP SP3.

I've drawn a 3d mechanical device and sectioned off one corner where an important 'arc' exists. I need to dim it to show how many degrees it's opened to 'air', illustrate how many degrees it's offset from 90, how wide the opening is and other important data.

The issue:
When I use the Angle Dim tool on the arc of the section view created (Drafting office regen object), TC crashes. Sometimes it's internal crash diagnostic tool catches it and lets me save the file, but that's only happened three out of the 10 times I've tried to dimension this arc. It is very reoccurring. It doesn't matter if it's this particular drawing or a new one from scratch - it happens each and every time.

I can explode the "Drafting office regen object" and extract the arc, and then dimension it, which works fine, but then that destroys the object for other dimensions.

I have the sample drawing (a .CRS extension), and the text report of the crash for analysis.

I got to get something done about this - it's a drawing of a prototype and we're now behind schedule because of this.

Help, please.


* July 10, 2009, 09:56:18 AM
When time presses and all else fails, cheat: Draw the "dimension" as a set of 2D objects -- text, extension lines, dimension line, arrowheads.

Henry H