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From AutoCAD to TurboCAD
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* February 18, 2011, 07:14:44 AM
I am a long-time AutoCAD user (20+ years) and I'm interested in buying a CAD program for use at home, maybe for a business 'on the side.'  ACAD is way too expensive, (and I don't really like ACAD LT) so I'm looking around and I need some guidance.  The family home computer is currently a Vista machine, so I need something that will run on that platform.  I also would like a program in which the learning curve from ACAD to the new program is minimal.

Any advice?


February 18, 2011, 07:32:11 AM
I too am making the exact same transition and can say that I have been impressed with TurboCAD as a CAD platform by itself. The competetive upgrade discounts make it a really great buy.  I will say that I have had a little but only very little trouble bringing my ACAD "block" library into TurboCAD's "symbol" library, but no transition is perfect.  I suggest you search through the forums for other posts by folks who have made the same transition.  As far as the learning curve goes, I wouldn't describe it as minimal, but there are some good tutorials available and I would suggest you buy them.  Their price is much cheaper than your time and frustration trying to figure it out on your own.  This forum and the WIKI site are also extremely valuable resources.  Also, download the "free trial" of TurboCAD and give a good test run on your current ACAD files to see how compatible it will be.  Nobody wants to have to recreate everything they've already done.