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What's the trick to drawing in 2D only?
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* July 03, 2009, 01:24:57 PM
I'm currently using 9.2 pro and my grid constantly shifts. I'm in 2D mode and must use FPOW 20 times a drawing session. I've redrawn all my symbols and blocks but still the grid shifts as I move/rotate objects. What's the trick to drawing strictly in 2D? I use both model and paper spaces so drawing in paper space is not a solution. Is this a 9.2 problem? should I upgrade?



* July 03, 2009, 02:08:44 PM
In my opinion, go to "Selector Properties - General page" and choose "2D/3D Depending...", then stay away from the "Toggle" switch. There's a good possibility that something might be 3D, though you'll never know with the 2D override turned on. With "2D/3D Depending" turned on, TurboCAD will show you if your selection is 2D or 3D; XY or XYZ handles and the different fields in the Inspector Bar. Moving 2D and 3D objects together will usually create workplane problems; move them separately.

Upgrading won't make a bit of difference, though there may be some newer 2D tools.

My two cents.

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