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Paper Space layout from architectural model space?
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* July 01, 2009, 07:51:52 AM
 ??? How do I get a model that I have built using the architectural tools (walls, doors, windows etc) into paper space? When I turn on the drafting tools and select my model the various icons light up but if for instance I click on the plan view icon I get the "TurboCAD Warning" "Cannot create drafting object because selected objects are not solid."

I tried looking at the Floorplan layout tools but they do not appear to help if you have created your model in TurboCAD Model space.


* July 01, 2009, 11:44:06 AM
Use a Viewport.

Once you've established a view in Modelspace, make it a Named View.
(right-click on any of the Standard View icons)

In Paperspace, use Insert / Viewport.
Click and pull out your VP window and choose your Named View.
In Properties for the Viewport you can click on the "Fixed" box
and set a Scale; choose from list or type in your own.
That's one way to get what you want.

John R.

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