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Problem joining polylines to arcs and extruding in TC Pro V14
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* July 01, 2009, 04:41:37 AM
The problem is when i try to join polylines to arcs, the arc seems to change from a smooth curve to a few straight lines. Then when i try to extrude the arc, the arc remains but the extrude is a straight line between the arc ends.

Attached is the drawing in question. When i try to join the outer polyline, 'not the part outline', the arc across the top changes from an arc to straight lines. The same happens when i try the same on other drawings with arcs.

Henry, a forum user kindly suggested the following but i had no joy. Can anyone think what the problem is. Thanks Grant
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     Re: Problem joining polylines in TC Pr V14
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Arcs can be troublesome at times, especially if the subtended angle is small. If your original arcs are smooth enough, consider not using Join Polyline at all, opting instead for the "Use compound profile" setting when you extrude (or revolve, or loft, or whatever). Another approach is to trace the existing entities with a Spline and use that instead of the original objects. This practically guarantees smoothness


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* July 01, 2009, 10:38:44 AM
It would help if you attached a TCW file with the problem objects, then someone can make a better assessment of what is wrong.

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