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view by WorkPlane
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* October 17, 2010, 05:41:28 PM
Thanks to Henry H. I finally figured out how to do "view by workplane", but the ctrl-shift-W control also does a "zoom extents", which is a pain with a large drawing when all you want to do is get a close-up plan view of a workplane on a facet of a 3-D object (examples 1 and 2 attached).

(There is also an obscure camera UCS plan view control in the Toolbars|Commands|View|Camera section, which does the same as ctrl-shift-W)

Then after diggin through the manual, I found that if you name a workplane, and control it's properties through the Design Director, it has a "view by workplane" column you can check that DOESN'T do a "zoom extents", but leaves the zoom level alone.

But it sure honks up the camera position (example 3) - bug or is there some setting I'm missing??



* October 19, 2010, 09:23:19 PM
fixed by going from TC17.2 build 57.3 to TC17.2 build 59.1