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Surveyor Dimensions AND scaling dimension text independently of the drawing
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* June 28, 2009, 08:35:07 AM
Question(s) #1:
I have Turbocad 14 Platinum (I'm fairly new to this).  I'm trying to do a plot plan for our property for a building permit.  The legal description uses survey bearings (S 20o 42' 51"E 302.6 feet) etc.  I've found how to set the angular dimensions to allow surveyor angle measurements (Options>Angle), but I would like to know how to display the bearing and length of the boundary lines along each line.  I'm able to show the length of the line, but I can't get bearing to show.  Also, when you are drawing the lines using the inspector bar with this angle format, how do you enter the bearing?  Is there a degree symbol I haven't found yet?  I was thinking I might be able to enter them separated by decimal points (S 20.42.51e) but this doesn't appear to be working.  I'm HOPING that it isn't necessary to convert the DMS into decimal degrees.  That would kinda defeat the purpose here.

Question #2:
How does one "lock" the size of dimension text independently of the scale used to display and print the drawing?  For instance, with the above plot plan, my dimensions display so small that they are invisible at any reasonable print scale.  When doing my floor plans, I would also like to be able to do this...for instance display my dimension text in 10pt font regardless of the print scale I choose.

Any of you seasoned users able to point me in the right direction on these issues?

Thanks in advance.


* June 28, 2009, 09:42:12 AM
#1 - I think what you're looking for didn't come in to being until Version 15.

Degree Symbol has to entered. Use either Alt+0176 °, or Alt+248 °. Hold the Alt key, type the numbers in the Numeric keypad, release Alt.

#2 — Use "Dimension Size Scale" on the Format page to increase/reduce the physical size of your dimension.

On the General page you can set up several Styles, each with a different size scale. See the Help file.

John R.

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