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Hull FormsL cont'd
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* September 05, 2010, 09:10:03 AM
For the past few months I have taken a different approach to doing hull forms. Rather than going longitudinally, as go plans, I am in the process of trying to go vertically. This is a very tedious process because it requires creating horizontal frames.

TC also produces bizarre results when I use a 3D frame (such as creating tubes rather than solids). This make doing the upper hull form difficult. I have tried to get around that by making projections of where they hull would be if it were flat on top. Again, a tedious process. We will see how that works.

The first two pictures show the result so far. These are just surfaces because I only use the outer shape for ease of tweaking. Hull forms go counter to the general guide in TC that you should use as few frames as possible. When left on its own, TC wants to produce accordion pleats (see last two pictures). In the second picture you can see that the shape starts to taken on pleating about 3/5ths of the way back. Here the density of vertical guides is less than at the bow. More need to be created.

My fear is that I get to the end of months of work and find that anything I do with the shape causes a DEGENERATED ERROR.

Again Feature Request: Have the ability to create a solid from a wire frame.  That would save us boat builders and plane builders and car builders.