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Paper space and its scale
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June 23, 2009, 06:20:47 AM

When using TC’s Pro 15, you’re to adjust the drawings scale for parts of your model as selected and brought into “paper-space” as pointed out on page 563 of TC’s reference manual.  If hitting a “tab” and plugging in a desired scale, I expected to have a box to fill -in with some scale data, but I didn’t.

Is that “tab” the same choosing the paper (drawing) or model leads to located on the lower left side of the screen?  I’m not getting anything like the book says I should, so what should I be doing?




June 23, 2009, 08:06:24 AM
This reply assumes that you've created a view in Model Space (View / Create View) which conains the relevant part of the drawing, and then you've inserted that view into a Paper Space viewport (via Insert / Viewport).

Now what you should do is select the Paper Space viewport, then right click on it, then select Properties, then select Viewport. In the window there are two parameters for Scale - right click on the Fixed box (puts a tick in it), allowing you to specify a scale.

Hope that helps.


TurboCad Pro Architectural v16.2 Build 54.0
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