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Render competition -- EXTENDED to July 18, 2010. (Edited link)
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* June 09, 2010, 03:15:30 PM
Lightwork Design is holding their 2010 render competition.  Prize = Apple iPad.


Apple iPad comes to Lightworks Image Competition
31 March 2010

SHEFFIELD, UK - Lightworks, the world's leading supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, are pleased to announce the launch of their 2010 Lightworks Image Competition.  The 2010 Image Competition now has a great new prize on offer for the winning entry – the brand new Apple iPad.  

The competition is open to all users of Lightworks rendering, covering any market, theme or style.  To check out if your own application qualifies, visit our website at www.lightworkdesign.com/customers.  The prize for the winning entry, as selected by the judging panel, will receive one of the brand new Apple iPads, a 16GB Wireless version, which launches in April, worth $500.  The competition starts off in April and is open to entries until June, with the winning entry being announced in July.  Runners Up will receive prizes of iTunes vouchers and the best entries will all be featured on the Lightworks website www.lightworkdesign.com

David Forrester, Managing Director at Lightworks, commented; "With such a great prize on offer, we’re looking forward to a good response from users of Lightworks applications and we encourage everyone to send us their images for a chance to win what is ultimately, the latest ‘must-have’ gadget."

Entries must be received by midnight Wednesday 30th June July 18, 2010, GMT. Further details, including how to enter, can be found on our Competition page.  There will be further competitions from July onwards as well, so more opportunities to win with Lightworks.

Get your hands on the latest cool technology from Apple, the new iPad – courtesy of Lightworks !!
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July 12, 2010, 09:42:42 PM
Thanks William.

I think it kind of sucks that they changed the closing date. One of the things I learned early on in hosting our challenge was that people get very perturbed when things like that happen - seems unfair - and I agree.

Maybe you can get LightWorks to fix their previous challenge galleries. No images! I emailed them, but they did not respond.


* July 13, 2010, 12:22:53 PM
I agree with you about changing the end dates.  It's like changing the rules mid stream.  But I won't second guess their reasons or motives.  If they had server problems or didn't get the word out...

I just hope people on this forum use these last five days and consider entering.  It would be nice for one of the TurboCAD users to win the iPad on offer!  It isn't a modeling competition, but a rendering competition, so people should feel free to use whatever model they want and add textures, luminances, add objects, background images, entourage...

Regarding the past contests, I'll mention it to them.