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TCv16 Monitor arrangement - stupid presumptions.
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* May 29, 2010, 10:30:33 PM
Stupid presumption.
Using two monitors and extended desktop, TCv16 presumes TC is open in monitor number one - the primary monitor.
I always use monitor two for TC, never monitor number one. Monitor one is 4x3 in portrait mode, for reading A1 size documents. Monitor two is wide in landscape for graphics. Lots of years for this configuration and am not about to change because of stupid programming in TC.

For example, clicking new toolbars does not pop them onto the monitor displaying TC, monitor two, but incorrectly pops them onto some place on monitor one, where something other than TC is being displayed. To get them, I have to drag from the non-TC monitor onto the TC monitor. I am sure there other instances in TC that work on the same stuoid presumption.
Can you notice that this is really irritating me?
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