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TC v17 What is this feature?
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* March 24, 2010, 03:10:44 PM
What are these text items at the upper right corner of the screen?

User time (ms) 0.0
RED engine time (ms) 0.0
FPS 0.0  = frames per second

And can they be turned off/on somehow?



* March 24, 2010, 03:18:40 PM
I figured out how to turn it on/off, :)

Menu: Options / Native Draw
Check/uncheck Display FPS


* March 25, 2010, 10:44:27 AM
What are these text items at the upper right corner of the screen?

   This feature is quite convenient while selecting the video-card for your system, or tuning it from the 'Options\Native Draw' or from the driver setup panel (if you have one). First idea is to show you current drawing performance in FPS (frames per second). They used to know it should be not less than 20 FPS for the comfortable working.
   As a second idea it is quite convenient to understand, how fast does TurboCAD work with your drawing, or who slows the performance. While turned on, this counter will show three numbers in the top-right corner of the workspace, their meaning is the next:

   User time - time in milliseconds gotten by TurboCAD itself (it may be snap engine, solid operations, etc).

   Engine time - time in milliseconds gotten by Redsdk engine (it is drawing routines, some graphic calculations, etc).
Note that these two time intervals are measured between the last two viewport updates.

   FPS - frames per second, or current drawing performance. In fact it equals to the next value: 1000 / (User time + Engine time).

Finally, you can turn off/on this feature, through the 'Options/Native Draw' dialog, 'FPS Counter' check box.



* March 25, 2010, 06:48:02 PM
Thank you Vlad, now it makes very good sense me.