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New 2d/3d TC Training Guides and Cds
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* June 05, 2009, 07:00:15 PM
I posted in the old forum asking about the newest training books and guides.
Not a lot of response, but I decided to chance it. I had the v14 training Cd's from CadCourse with all the " uhh - Uhhh - -uhh" going on, and the training books from 14 and 15. The 15 books were a waste, not a whole lot changed from 14.

This new version looked much better.  IT IS! I have used TC since 12 and while I could get the job done I never really felt like I knew all the In's and outs of the program. This newest training version is well worth my money, covers much more material, easier to follow, and with a few more weeks of practice I'm sure I will feel more comfortable with the program.
IMSI gets an A+ for this new material!


* June 07, 2009, 11:37:07 AM
There is a mistake in the 2d training
Tubocad Basics - Object Handling - Object Manipulation - Copying multiple objects
Copying multiple objects is not there you click on the quick cam button and it sends you to the moving objects quick cam tutorial
Not a big deal as I already know how but figured I would mention it so it can be fixed for people who are learning for the first time.
I'm just going over ever little thing, even in the basics to make sure I didnt miss something when learning on my own.


* June 07, 2009, 05:07:52 PM
I'm up to section 5 in the 3D training and have found a few errors.  For instance they'll tell you to enter 20 in x and 100 in y, but the picture they show has them reversed.  Little things like this and the fact that the manual appears geared toward the "Mechanical" version of PRO (I have Basic, but may upgrade in the future), has made my "training" somewhat frustrating up to now.  I think most of section 3 had entering 3D objects (boxes, prisms, etc.) with instruction on how to edit them.  Well I guess these features are not part of the PRO basic version.  I spent a couple hours getting pretty ticked off until I finally contacty TurboCAD and was told these features aren't in the Basic version.

What really gets me is when you buy the PRO version of something you would think it would have all the features.  None of this was mentioned in any of the liturature I reviewed before buying.  The main difference between Basic and Mechanical per their web site is the Mechanical version offers more features for serious designers and drafters.  But it never defines the actual difference.  I still don't know what the extra $100 gets you, but I figure I'll complete the training and maybe find other things Basic is missing.



* June 07, 2009, 05:49:32 PM
I skipped through it a few days ago - I have the mechanical version so most of it applies, If I find something that applies only to the Arc version I will just skip it and go on.
 If you are unhappy with this current training version, shoot grab the cadcourse training from Kevin Doucette a few years ago, you will be thanking your lucky stars you have the training you do! Night and day! ;D but yes they might lable the training by version, so as not to frustrate the students.
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