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* June 05, 2009, 03:08:44 AM
In a house project I have, using the "architectural" tools, I put in a round window and found it wasn't. That is not round but octagonal. To get a really round window after looking at all the other proposed shapes, I turned to the oval window and gave it x y same sizes. So the oval became round.

In the same project the roof is curved. So I put up a curved wall modifier, a curved polyline, and turned on the tool. The walls jumped up to touch the modifier but instead of being curved at the top became a series of straght edges leaving holes under the curved roof. The roof is an extruded polyline. To avoid getting rain in through the gaps in the wall top, I pushed up the wall modifier and hid it in the roof. Thus the wall disappears into the roof.

I couldn't find anyway of getting the right curves. It would have been nice for these tool to work correctly the first time instead of hunting round for a way around.

I do like the walls. You can set up all sorts of muliple walls at diferent heights, from strip foundations to insulated compound walls with reservations for slabs and roofs, and if you are careful with the slabs the junction of the 2 can be good and only need a little editing for a section.

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* June 05, 2009, 06:02:20 AM
re: Curves and the Architectural tools

The Architectural tools create "Surface" objects, so they're always going to be faceted to some extent. If you work with "ft" Units with the Architectural Format, instead of "in" Units, the faceting will look even worse. This may be why your round window looked like an octagon.

You might try exploding your roof extrusion to a Surface. Then the facets may line up.

If you want perfectly smooth curves in everything, I think you will have to create everything from "Solid" objects and not use the Architectural tools.

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