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Hardware requirements
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* June 03, 2009, 05:25:47 PM
When using v16 Pro on my home computer I've had many instances where the screen will go blank at the top or center, with another program showing though it (for instance I'm in TurbCAD and then the center of the screen will show Outlook.  Eventually (several minutes) everything goes back to normal.

I've also had occurances where most of the items on display disappear leaving only the item I've selected.  I've shut down and it comes back OK.  And I've also had problems with layers - moving some parts to layer 1, then when I select to view layer 1 only, some of layer 0 shows and not all of layer 1 shows.

I tried installing the program on my work laptop (this is a laptop workstation which can run Unigraphics), and I haven't seen the problem.  Could this mean my computer needs a new video card, or could it be processor related, or monitor related?