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Silver material looks black when Draft Rendered:
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* November 25, 2019, 03:20:34 AM
1-Open attached .tcw file/Open new file.
2-Draw two 3D Spheres.
3-Go to Tools/Palettes/Materials Palette.
4-Select "Metal" from drop down.
5-Apply "Silver+Redsdk" material on one sphere by right clicking on it and select "Set Material".
6-On second sphere apply "Gold+Redsdk" material.
7-Apply Draft render on both spheres and see Gold material applied while sphere with Silver Material is black.
8-Find attached file and video.


1. The material 'Silver+Redsdk' based on RED file 'Metals Silver + Redsdk_drw1.red'. This file is provided by RedWay and cannot be changed.

2. This material is designed for photo realistic rendering (as well as other RedSDK materials from 'Metal' category). So for the correct view you need to use a quality/advanced render mode.


* November 25, 2019, 06:29:43 AM
The drawing cannot be opened by anyone. It is in the "26.5" format that has been discontinued. You need to supply a drawing in the "26.0" format (TurboCAD 2019.0).

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