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Export different file format instead of save as
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* October 22, 2019, 06:15:08 AM
I realize the subject title may not be quite correct. Remember also that I am in 2016 version yet with plans on upgrading to 2020 when it comes out so this may have even changed. What I have found is that my newfound uses for this program and doing 3d printing is that I always save my files as .tcw and then I will convert to metric and save again as .stl into a different file folder than my regular drawings are in. After this I will close the program. The next time I open TC the start window shows my 3d printing stl folder and I have to navigate back to my tcw drawings folder to open a drawing I want to work on. Having started using Alibre design expert recently also I have come to love the fact that it offers an "export" feature which can be an stl and it will even convert the units to metric and save it to the folder I want and remember this everytime I do it. Then when back to the start screen in Alibre it is always the actual Alibre files, not the last saved file location. For me this would be a fantastic thing, especially in the early morning when I go to open a file and accidently open an stl instead because I am half awake :).

"Edit". I want to add that I have changed the settings for my file locations under the left side of the save and load window so that I can easily go from folder to folder without having to browse locations always. However a simple export with presets like Alibre would still be nice.
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* October 22, 2019, 08:40:45 AM
John R give an answer to a similar Q not so long time ago, you could try search for that.

There is an command named "Save copy as" that maybe will cover your wish already in TC.
If i understand it correct there was some issues with it back then and they take it away from File menu, but you will see what it was when you find Johns reply.


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* October 22, 2019, 04:53:09 PM
Selecting the object/s you're exporting and checking "selection" in the Save As dialogue exports the object/s to its/their own file in the nominated format, in the nominated location.  It isn't in the file history and doesn't affect the file history path because you've written the file to it, but you haven't opened or edited the file.