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Support for Design for Injection Molding
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October 03, 2019, 12:32:47 AM
I have been getting more freelance jobs for designing products suitable for injection molding.  It would be great if TurboCAD offered some analysis and support for this task.

Basic functionality
1. Add the ability to specify a parting line (where the two parts of the mold meet).  This line may not be straight, or flat, either.
2. Identification of all (near) vertical surfaces (as defined by being orthogonal to the parting line) that do not meet the necessary Draft Angle (which can vary from 1° to 5° (or more, depending on the surface roughness, manufacturing process, manufacturer and other design constraints).
3. Identification of all surfaces that are occluded by other surfaces (meaning, when a viewpoint is established that is orthogonal to the cut plane, either above or below, there are surfaces facing you that cannot be seen because other surfaces are in the way).

More blue sky would be these functions:
4. Runner Balance (making sure that multiple parts get the proper amount of molten material even if they're further from the injection source).
5. Automatically fixing surfaces.
6. Fill analysis
7. Shrink analysis

AutoCAD has Moldflow Adviser doing all of these, but I would be happy with items 1-3.


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