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"Invalid Operation. Entity Coordinate System"
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* August 07, 2019, 02:26:07 PM
Once in awhile I suspect I hit a wrong key or command and won't be able to trim objects anymore. With that problem I get the TC Warning:  "Invalid operation. Entity coordinate system is not the current coordinate system". Have no idea what this means in relation to not being able to trim any objects. Please advise, thanks!


August 07, 2019, 03:41:52 PM
Ensure that both the Cutting Edge Object and the Object you desire to Trim are on the same WorkPlane.  (I wanted to type "Workplane"; but after experimenting a bit, I found-- in version-20PP-- that they can be on different "Workplanes" [Coordinate Systems], but have to be on the same plane.)

If this is a 2D Drawing:
  • Make all your Layers Visible and Unlocked
  • Select All
  • While all is selected, invoke the "Workplane by World" command
  • While all is still selected, invoke the "Place on Workplane" command

Alvin Gregorio
Intermittent TurboCAD user since yr. 2000 (ver6.5).  No formal CAD Training.
---TurboCAD: V21PP; V20.2PP; V19DL; V11.2Pro; Windows-7-Pro/64-bit; Intel-Core-i3 CPU; 2.27ghz; 4GB RAM; Intel HD Graphics (CPU based)

* August 21, 2019, 11:40:44 AM
Sorry I am late in thanking Alvin for his help, but it worked fine and has helped with some other similar problems. I'm not sure how some portions of the 2D drawing got on a different workplane. I know I didn't intentionally do it. But TC from time to time has some strange problems associated with it. Thanks again Alvin for your help!!