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Disappearing Dimensions
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* July 22, 2019, 04:59:00 PM
Hi, I'm running TurboCad 2017 ver 24, 64 bit on Windows 7.

In model space, Wire Frame I have dimensions on my drawing.  When I switch to Draft Rendering or Suppress Hidden Lines, the dimensions disappear.  When I go back to Wire Frame, the dimensions re-appear.

I searched for this problem and saw disappearing dimensions, but not pertaining to my problem.


* July 22, 2019, 05:31:20 PM
This is how it should work, if you want to see it you need to open the render property ( rigth click on the tea cup) and check "Non Rendable" button, but then you will also see a lot of lines that you maybe dont want to see in a rendermode.

If you create a view in M Space, then switch to P space and insert a viewport and use that view there, you can Dimension it in P Space


I forgot to mention, if you have Platinum, you can make draft in Draft Palette and insert that in P Space, set the draft to Hidden line and dimmension.
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V20, V21, 2015/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19 Pro. Platinum
Deluxe 2015/ 16/ 19
RedSDK enabled
Windows 10 Home Premium 64 bit, 32 GB
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* July 22, 2019, 05:35:34 PM
Try checking the Foreground Wireframe option, Im assuming that your using lightworks. If its unchecked then no non renderable will appear.

TCW V21, 2015-2019 PP, Animation Lab V5.2 & Redsdk enabled, LightWorks rendering mostly.

* July 23, 2019, 06:47:51 AM
It worked.  Thank you for your help.  :)