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error occurred while file reading
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* July 18, 2019, 01:06:39 PM
Probably like a lot of old Turbo Cad users .. I'm loathe to change !  My old Dell Laptop; Microsoft XP  and Turbocad V14.2 Pro  have served me well for many years...  that is until the Laptop finally gave up.  I purchased a refurbished HP Laptop loaded with Windows 10 but my local Computer shop has loaded a program that allows me to view as Windows 7. [ I just hate Windows 10 ]  All seemed well, previous programs on the Dell ( Microsoft Word, Excel and others etc.) downloaded on to the new Laptop.   The TurboCad V14.2 pro was also loaded .. however,  an immediate warning appears " error occurred while file reading.  Probably the file is corrupt"   It asks if you want to continue.  By saying "yes"  drawings "open" and can be viewed.   Making changes or additions to the drawing and then "save as" results in an error " error occurred while file writing- probably file is now corrupt  -  use "save as" with another path to prevent the original file damage "      I also have Turbo Cad 15 PRO  PLATINUM  edition for windows Vista,7,8  Cat.code.3083.   So I loaded this disc.  I opened the drawing I was using ; made a few additions and saved ok.  Trying to "open"  this revised drawing back with V14.2 only leads to message" failed to open, file is corrupt or bad file format"       Like Windows 10, I also hate the format presentation  of windows15pro  !    Can anyone advise how to resolve the problem with V14.2.  I have erased and reloaded V14.2 on 3 occasions but the same error messages occur.

19.07.2019  Since posting this problem with no replies, I had a moment of madness and wondered if this problem had been identified before .  Using "search" I found that it had as far back as 2015 !!  Numerous posts advise the problem to be with OS Windows 10. and that by using Win.7 should solve the problem.  I apologise if I have wasted any ones time ; I have learnt my lesson and will use the search facility in future should I have any more problems !

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July 20, 2019, 01:15:42 PM
I have encountered a similar bug (different warning, probably because it's a different version), but I've been told that it is not uncommon for people to be confronted with an error message when trying to Save over the originally-loaded file.  I probably didn't encounter this bug because I usually iterate the file name with Save As so that I can return to an earlier version if I made a mistake and compounded it.

When you Saved As from V15, did you change the file type to V14?


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