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CAM Query
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* July 08, 2019, 05:17:46 AM
Hello Folks,

I was contacted by a company that sells CNC machines and they are looking for CAD and CAM software they can bundle with their machines.

I want to propose TurboCAD and TurboCAD CAM but according to me CAM it has a few limitations. But I am thinking some of it might be overcome in the newest version (By the way when will it be available for 2019?)

•   Can it work with FANUC/ SIEMENS & GSK CONTROLS? I know it can work with FANUC but I am unsure about SIEMENS & GSK CONTROLS.
•   They need 2.5 AXIS on LATHE and then 2.5 & 3 AXIS on MILLING machines. According the me TurboCAD CAM can only do 2.5 AXIS. Is this still the case?
•   Are there any tutorials available on TurboCAD CAM for 2019?