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An Extended Wish List from a Long-Time User
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* May 08, 2019, 11:20:36 AM
Hi All,

The wish list below is long, but it is also long-considered.  I've been a TurboCad user since V4 and have made a living using TurboCad on a daily basis for more than 15 years.  See www.csengineeringllc.com - all equipment designed in TurboCad.

I realize everyone has a different perspective on these things, and many will disagree with the relative importance of suggested changes.  I am curious, however, if any of my desired changes have widespread support (or not).  I would be interested in any feedback.

By the way, the long wish list is not intended as an insult to TurboCad.  I recently reviewed all my options in the low cost machine design CAD market, and my conclusion was that TurboCad still represents a great value.  I do feel that development has slowed down in recent years, however, and I hope that trend does not continue.  Maybe these suggestions can contribute to that.

Suggested TurboCad Improvements

Requested Bug Fixes:
1) When isolating objects, faces of hidden objects become visible when hovering with a tool to select a face.
2) When using the offset face command, offset value does not “stick” unless you hit enter after having selected the object to be edited.
3) When using the offset face command, a large number of facets are often preselected and have to be manually deselected before proceeding.
4) In paper space, moving objects along an axis by clicking and dragging with shift held down, then before placing, using the Tab key to highlight the Delta X or Delta Y box in the inspector bar, the first typed character is discarded.

New or Modified Features (in order of increasing difficulty)
Easy fixes/Inconveniences:

1) Allow assigning a hot key to the stamp tool.
2) Datum dimensions should not require a separate dimension style.  They should use the current dimension style, but without arrowheads and ignoring the “horizontal text” attribute if it is on.
Alternatively, allow each tool to remember the last used style.
Another possible suggestion would be to allow certain parts of the style to differ based on which tool is being used. An example of this already implemented is that angular dimensions have a separate precision to other dimension types.
3) Auto Dimension scale based on paper space scale.  This makes way more sense than autoscaling dimensions based on zoom level in modelspace– does anyone even use this?

Improvements to Facet/Direct editing tools:
1) Currently, the facet edit tool only allows selection of facets on one entity at a time.  Allowing it to select facets on multiple parts would function like a “3D stretch” command.  I have wished for this functionality many times over the years.
2) Intelligent recognition and selection of facet features.  For example, selecting one hole facet in a plate gives you the option to select all other holes of the same size; or selecting one filleted edge selects all contiguous fillets so that they can be quickly deleted.
3) It should be possible to select and copy (either by vector or by using rectangular and radial arrays) facet features, i.e. holes and protrusions.
Note: All three of these features are already implemented in ViaCad Pro, you can see them demonstrated on YouTube.  They call these “Direct Editing” and the facet selection tool is called “deep select”.  TurboCad for Mac is clearly based on the same code, although I don’t know if these features are implemented in TurboCad for Mac.  If they are, perhaps some of the technology for doing this can be ported to TurboCad for Windows (they are both ACIS based programs)

Drafting Palette Improvements
1) Generate from the folded 3D sheetmetal part model a 2D flat pattern in the Drafting Palette suitable for cutting on a laser or waterjet, along w/bend lines, angles & the option to show the edges of bends.  Currently unfolding gives a 3D model; I don’t understand why anyone would want a 3D model of a part that (except for one number, thickness) contains only 2D information.
2) Currently, Drafting Palette objects only update when editing history is turned on and when edits can be added to the history tree.  They should update regardless of whether editing history is on and regardless of the method of editing used.

File Structure for Assemblies
1) When using XRefs, it would be great if it were possible to “shift focus” from the drawing containing the XRefs to any of the XRefs it contains, allowing editing and updating of the XRefs without leaving the container drawing.  You still would only be able to edit one drawing at a time.