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Block insertion layer
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* February 20, 2019, 01:17:03 PM
I'm currently finding that blocks are not inserting into layer 0

From the manual


"Blocks are placed on Layer 0, even if their components are on other layers."

Is not the case for me.

Blocks are inserting into the active layer.

I swear this was not the case in earlier versions of TCAD. The workaround is to remember make layer 0 the active layer before inserting blocks, or to audit all completed drawings to ensure that all blocks are placed in layer 0. Both problematic from a quality and efficiency perspective.

It would be awesome to know if this is the case for other users...

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* February 20, 2019, 02:41:13 PM

I swear this was not the case in earlier versions of TCAD.
It would be awesome to know if this is the case for other users...

I Have no solution.  But posting just to say, the layer thing changed in TC 2017 (I just checked 2017 and 2016),  when IMSI introduced the block option button / icon at the top of the block palette.  Why the layer operation changed I've no idea.


* February 20, 2019, 08:04:50 PM
it could be useful, if you remember to change your active layer before dragging blocks into the drawing.

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February 21, 2019, 03:09:53 AM
I long ago (V15) developed the habit of moving all items to Layer 0 before making a Block of them.  I could then place them as desired (with very rare problems).

To be blunt, I have not experimented with subsequent versions to see if the problem still exists.


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* February 21, 2019, 04:17:55 AM
Thanks for all of the responses.

We recently migrated from v21, so that is consistent with Andy's observation.

Do any of the programmers know if this problem would exist if we downgraded to Deluxe or went back to 21?

Single layer blocks are pretty limiting. Just like sticking pictures on your drawing. Multi-layer blocks allow a real modelling approach, more consistent with BIM etc. For example, we have blocks of building columns. Insert one column into a model space of a particular storey and it appears on the column plan as well as the floor plan, as well as the floor plan of the floor above (showing loadbearing structure under). Changes reflect in all viewports simultaneously.

Now in TC2018 the columns can appear in only some viewports, depending on what layer is selected when blocks are dragged and dropped.

Could we request to have the blocks behaving like the manual says they will (or at the very least have a temporary note in the manual saying that blocks may insert in the active layer and it is recommended to switch to layer 0 before inserting blocks)?

Thanks again for the fast responses.

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* February 21, 2019, 08:33:13 PM
I agree with you with regard to single layer blocks being limiting.
I don't believe having multi layered blocks is causing the problem. It seems that blocks are inserted onto the current active layer.
It is an extra step but you can activate layer 0 before inserting them. I have got into the habit of dragging the block in and then changing its layer. If I need more of the same block I copy the first block.

I use multilayered blocks but I still put each block onto a relevant layer.
For example a block for a window would be on a general "window" layer.
Elements within the block would be on other layers - not very creative but - the sill on a sill layer other finishes on another layer. Block attributes on another layer etc. The window itself on a "3d window" layer. That way I can control properties of each type of element globally. When it comes to extracting data - for BIM purposes having all the windows on a window layer helps with the selection criteria.
With regard to visibility of layers within blocks you just need to set up a standard for all your drawings and stick to that standard - The confusion occurs when items are on the wrong layer. If you turn layer "sill" off  The sills will be hidden but any other item on the sill layer will also be hidden. If I want to hide the whole block - turn layer window off.

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