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3D Thread In Bore
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* June 02, 2009, 02:04:24 AM
Hi All

I'm having trouble with the new 3D thread tool.  I've attached the drawing in question.  I've created a part by 3D subtracting a number of spins from a main spin object.  I now want to add an M5 x 0.8 female thread to the 4.2mm bore in one end.  This bore was created by 3D subtracting a spin from another spin.  I can't get the thread tool to lock on to the bore at this end - it will lock on to the bore at the other end strangely enough!

I've also tried new drawings with spins subtracted from spins, and then added a female thread to a bore, and they work fine.  Any ideas why this one won't?


[attachment deleted by admin]


* June 02, 2009, 11:32:05 AM
Problem is that the bore isn't perfectly cylindrical; it's tapered, because the Polyline used for the Spin profile is slightly flawed. Fix that and the 3D Thread tool works OK.

Henry H


* June 02, 2009, 12:48:05 PM
Hi Henry

Oops - how embarrassing!  Schoolboy error there.  Thanks for taking the time to spot it - I had already spent about an hour staring at it wondering what could be wrong!  I'm starting to like the new 3D thread tool, and this was doing my head in!

Thanks again.