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Update available
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* February 19, 2010, 04:47:50 PM
Hello all,

I have posted an update to the Surface Modeling tool for TurboCAD (SurfaceModel.dll). The latest version is now v2.5.0.0.

This update fixes a bug that caused a crash in the previous version that occurs when when creating a surface of triangles.

It also includes the ability to create a named TIN which includes a previously generated set of triangles in the break-line segements. Previously this was not allowed but the road design feature clearly require it.

It also includes a break-line error report feature. Previously the tool would fail when it encountered crossing or touchin break-lines with no feedback as to the problem. Now it reports the problem area/location to give you an oppertunity fix it and try again.

This update is for registered users only. Please extract the DLL file to the <TurboCAD install directory>\Program\Draggers\ folder. But backup the origonal just in case.


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