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Bugs or me ? I never know!
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* December 06, 2018, 05:53:09 AM
Folks, and IMSI.

It's so confusing, after one step forward it's always new day with lost production. Everyday is a consider for change CAD.

This is todays issue. After I got help for some other stuff.

I discovered I had deleted one layer with shapes. But I had this layer in other file. Since cut and paste not will work for me i saved layer in one drawing and open in my work drawing. Got message for existing layer with same name. Nothing what to do.
The layer "2D for extrude ......" came in just as it should with same name and worked. I deleted the empty layer with same name.

All good.

With this layer open I also opened layer "base" and this is still good. I can turn base off and on with eyeball. Same with 2D extrude.
BUT: I did draft render the base and switch off after. Well now layer "2D...." turns invisible. Close drawing and open up. Layer is visible.
Render again and its gone...

So what is the workaround to get this working ? Is it me, what is wrong ? I never know.

So IMSI is it worth carry one with this or should I switch cad ?
No shut down program did not help..

NeverStop. - But one more day delayed...

Attached is the file. 

EDIT:  Seems like the trick is go back to wireframe.
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* December 06, 2018, 02:13:41 PM
Not sure if you posted the correct file,  but I didn't see a layer called '2D for Extrude'.


* December 07, 2018, 06:37:52 AM
Not sure if you posted the correct file,  but I didn't see a layer called '2D for Extrude'.

Sorry Andy, just was lazy and did not write full layer name  :-[
Layer name is: 2D for extrude og base and mid section

Sorry and thanks!