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View changes according to 3D processing command
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* December 05, 2018, 05:26:45 AM

After looking for a long time, I would like to ask the following.

For me, the view always changes after I have selected a 3D edit command.

Can one switch off that somehow?
The whole thing is annoying slowly.

My work steps:
I turn the view the way I need it for editing.
As soon as I select the 3d command, the view of the body automatically changes.
So I'm allowed to shoot again.

thanks for suggestions

Very low knowledge of English - I ask for indulgence - Thanks
Currently installed
TurboCAD  Professional 32-bit V.
TurboCAD 2016 ProPlatinum 64-bit V23.2-61.2 engl.
TurboCAD 2015 2D V.
on Win 10.