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advanced reports and blocks
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* November 20, 2018, 06:07:14 AM
Dean I know we have had this discussion before but I am trying to wrap my mind around a few things as I think it is the way I need to go with using ppms instead of Tc windows.

At the moment I am saving the ppm window as a block before dragging it onto a wall - I do this so that I can change all the windows with the same properties at the same time- sort of like a style but using blocks instead of styles. I can assign a property set to the block. - so that I can label the window easily.
 I then add custom properties.
 If I add the custom properties to the ppm before turning it into a block - I don't have to add custom properties every time I use the block but when I want to extract the data using the report tool,
The block is separated from the data attached to the ppm. Is there a way to combine the information so that it is on the same line in the table?

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