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Missing viewpoints in paper space
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* November 02, 2018, 01:14:37 PM
I had been working on this file for a while. i had issues with zooming in and out so i selected the parts i needed to keep in modelspace,  moved them to a locked layer and deleted everything ele which removed the Space dust i now have lost my viewpoints in paper space any Idea why or how to get them back?

turbocad pro 11
windows 10
intel dual core 3.3 ghz

* November 02, 2018, 03:49:58 PM
You could go to Modelspace and click on "Named View" to open the "View" palette. Click in the "Active" column for one of your saved views to take you to that view. If it's not where it is supposed to be, you'll have re-create the view. Once you get the view situated correctly, select the Name in the View Palette, then click on the "Update" button in the palette toolbar. Back in Paperspace, you'll probably have to select the Viewport and re-select that view from the View Name list to update it.

John R.

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