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Workspace and flyouts.
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* October 22, 2018, 02:38:10 AM
I have had this working before but since the reinstall, I can't  get it to work.

On my workspace I have selected the toolbars I require, But for example, Line lists all the available line options. How do I get just the Line icon and when I hover it, it brings up all the options?   Once you select Line Grid Snap etc the desktop gets very cluttered.
Sometime I only use one option in a toolbar so I don't need all the rest displayed.

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* October 22, 2018, 07:23:28 AM
Others (John R for one) are more knowledgeable than me with toolbar stuff.  But the attached image is what I could come up with.  Maybe they will jog your memory as to how you did it before.

The top 'Line' one is just extra tabs added for the original line toolbar, and produces horizontal tools.

The 'Custom3' is a tabbed type toolbar,  which opens vertical tools, but one doesn't have a single click option, without opening the vertical tools.  done by creating new toolbar, and dragging Line> from the command page, clicking insert in the left pane. 

The Flyout one 'Custom4', is done by moving tools from the drawing toolbar onto the custom one, however they are no longer on the drawing toolbar after doing this, 

They are all produced by opening tools menu - customise (or tools menu  - workspace - customise) and once that dialog is open things can be created and dragged around to ones liking.  I could not find a way to produce a flyout toolbar without robbing tools from another toolbar.


* October 22, 2018, 10:47:39 AM
To create a Flyout on a toolbar, go to the "Commands" page of the Customize dialog. Go to the bottom of the "Categories" list and select "New Popup". Drag a "New Popup Toolbar" to a currently displayed toolbar; such as the Left or Property toolbar. This inserts a placeholder to which you can drag tools to. When you drag a tool command to that Popup, a blank space will appear. When you move the cursor inside that space, an I-bar will appear, at which point you can drop the tool and it will appear in the flyout. Drag in more tools.

Before doing the above, go to the "Options" page of the Customize dialog. Select the "1024x768des_classic" configuration from the "Load From" list, then click on the "Load From" button. That may be what you're looking for. If not, click on the "Default" button to reset the configuration to the way a TurboCAD employee thinks it should be. Now you can customize.

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