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custom properties lost on block insert
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* October 02, 2018, 05:32:15 PM
I would like to create a parts list (BOM) for the fasteners used in a contraption, but the custom properties assigned to a block are lost when I insert the block.
1. Tools/database/define fields: define description and partnumber
2. Create block
3. Select block in palette
4. EC
5. Select block in main window
6. Modify/properties/custom/attach
7. Attach description and partnumber; enter appropriate values
8. Click OK
9. Click Finish Edit Content icon
10. Drag block from palette to main window
11. Modify/properties/custom: no custom properties!

As an experiment I exploded the block and the custom properties appear!
If I assign custom properties after I insert a block, they stick to copies of the block.

Am I doing something wrong or is the custom properties feature broken?
Thank you for any help.
(I accomplished my immediate task by using the insert block attribute feature)

Pro 11.2
Pro Platinum 2017 64
I7 3770 3.4gHz 8gB