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Animation lab wish list
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* February 07, 2010, 10:24:59 AM
Is there any vehicle for suggesting features for future releases of Animation lab?

I would love to see the addition of linkable animation handles with motion constraints. It would raise Animation lab to a new level and make it a real contender for technical visualisation.

As an example. in order to animate a piston, con rod and crankshaft you presently need to animate each part. The piston and crankshaft are pretty easy but the con rod is quite tricky and time consuming to set up. Multi cylinder layouts are a real pain.

Using the idea I have described you would first define points or handles on each part that enable you to link parts together. Each moving part would need at least one handle and I would guess that motion could be fully controlled on each part by no more than three. You would then add movement constraints. The piston would be constrained to linear motion along a defined axis. The crankshaft would have rotation about an axis and the con rod would be free to move at will. All you would have to do then would be to snap each part together using the specified handles and then animate the rotating crankshaft. The con rod and piston would follow based on the defined points and constraints.

The other useful thing to have would be surface physics so that parts could push against one another. This would allow simple animation of gear trains and other push mechanisms without the need to animate each part, though of course that is relatively easy compared to the other scenario described.

Would others find things like this useful? What do you think?


February 07, 2010, 10:57:27 AM
Writing about it here will get it noticed as Dave, and Rip and some of the others from IMSI/Design take time to keep up with the posts.

Also, others like John Sollman and Henry Hubich bring many of the issues and suggestions from this public forum to the Beta forum where they can be reviewed and discussed. The TurboCAD community is very lucky to have these two guys as there are every on duty to help out wherever they can and they are strong proponents of the whole community.

What you describe would be very cool. Alibre, has this ability and it is quite impressive. It would be very nice to have these abilities in TC, very nice indeed.

* August 10, 2010, 01:16:59 AM
I like animation, especially those made by Japan.
I have been wateching a Janpanese animation called "bleach".
Have you ever heard about it?It is very interesting.