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Activation codes v10
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* October 14, 2017, 02:21:38 AM
I tried searching the site and this forum for the activation codes for older versions of TC.....so I can register it  and use it longer than 30 days.....

I know years ago there was an entire page with the activation codes on it.......

I just got a copy of TC v10 Pro.......and its already asking for the codes....where can I can get them?

I have TC v6 I want to reinstall on an older laptop.... I'm sure to need the code for that one as well....

thank you in advance for the help!!

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TC v6, TC v10 Pro.,TC Designer v7, Floorplan3D v8, TurboProject v4
Not a total Newbie, but smart enough to ask for help, and understand your answer.

* October 15, 2017, 09:40:59 PM
Hi NItecruz,

Please email us at support@imsidesign.com containing the serial keys of the products of which you need the activation codes. So we can help you.