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KMZ File
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September 24, 2017, 01:53:17 PM
The KML/KMZ filter cannot export map with the elevation information. But user can get it after KML/KMZ opening, so follow the below steps and let me know in case of any problem.
1.   Open a KML/KMZ file. (image 1)
2.   Remove the exported map. (image 2)
3.   Run the TCMap Tool. (image 3)
4.   Select "Create terrain" and "Use current drawing geolocation" options and press "Place a map" button. (image 4)
5.   Select the map and change the "Map/Entity type" value to "Terrain". (image 5)
6.   Look at the result. (images 6.render & 6.wireframe)


Thanks & Regards,
Zunair Attif
Manager QA\Support
IMSI Design
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